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cost of cbd

Wondering what is the cost of CBD?

Cost of CBD…everyone wants to know. Now many have wondered how much does full spectrum CBD oil costs, or broad spectrum, isolate, crystal CBD. In October of 2019 we looked at 49 different retailers in the US to determine what is the cost of CBD per one gram .

What kind of CBD?

Each retailer offers variety of strengths, quality, type, types of carriers, level of THC, and the list goes on. However, one thing that is always constant is quantity of CBD in each product. Regardless if it’s full spectrum cbd oil, broad spectrum cbd oil, isolate CBD oil, price of CBD alone is constant. This allowed us to find the average cost of CBD per gram.

Prices and cost of CBD results

While individual retail prices vary from $33.00 to $373.00 per gram, the average cost per gram lands at $111.37. Let?s assume that prices had negative fluctuation since we did the analysis with the margin of 15%. That means that price per gram would land at $94.66.

This means that average retail price in the US for 10ml bottle that has 500mg CBD oil lands at $47.33 and for 300mg CBD oil at $28.40. These prices are not very different in the EU retail market.

With our VESTRATEK technology we can guarantee high quality and low production costs. If you are a retail business looking to start selling Full Spectrum CBD Oil or building your own brand send us an email at [email protected] for manufacturer direct pricing!

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