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What are the benefits of CBD oil for cats? What are side effects of CBD oil?

CBD oil and cats

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid discovered back in 1940, and since then, many medical studies have confirmed its beneficial effects. You may already know that full spectrum CBD oil has a positive effect on people struggling with insomnia, anxiety and depressive disorders, that it has a beneficial effect on appetite, antiseptic properties, and that it helps with chronic and menstrual pain. Since every mammal has endocannabinoid system, the health benefits of CBD oil are also visible in pets. Cannabinoid receptors in cats are found in their stomachs, gallbladders, colons, bladders, kidneys, brains, livers, diaphragms, lungs and hearts. These receptors are activated in contact with phytocannabinoids (CBD) and cause a number of positive effects. In this article we will discuss about CBD oil and cats.

Alternative medicine is also for pets

Although medical products for animals have advanced significantly, they are sometimes not the answer to a cat’s problem, whether it is an allergic reaction or resistance of the body. More and more veterinarians, just like doctors, take a holistic approach, primarily to health, but also to disease. In this regard, in more liberal countries, the practice of prescribing cannabinoids for treating and suspending the symptoms of some diseases exists for some time now. The most common solution is CBD oil, which is especially adequate for cats, since its recommended content is completely safe. It is produced from industrial hemp, so the concentration of THC is extremely low and harmless to cats. Therefore, cats can easily digest it.
CBD oil has been shown to have a beneficial effect on strengthening immunity. Therefore, it should be included in your cat’s daily menu if you want to avoid possible health complications and allow her a long and playful life.

CBD and cats: Anxiety

The use of CBD oil has a beneficial effect on mood, appetite, and energy increase. Also, its targeted use is possible in stressful situations, which trigger very frequent anxiety in cats. It often happens that a cat has to change its living space, and we know how stressful this can be for them. When guests come over, it is common for a cat to hide, frightened by the crowd and noise, or it can be even more stressed during a move or a needed ride to the vet.
One of the ways of expressing anxiety is aggression as a reaction to fear. This is most often a consequence of neglect in the kittens’ early days. These problems are successfully treated with CBD oil because it affects serotonin receptors which regulate mood; therefore, it helps your pet calm down.

CBD and cats: Skin problems

Let’s discuss CBD oil and cats with skin problems. Cats often suffer from problems caused by dry skin. In addition to the fact that their fur may look ragged and lifeless, dryness often causes skin irritation, itching, discomfort, sores and dandruff. CBD has been noticed to have hydrating properties, and helps alleviate the symptoms caused by dehydrated and irritated skin.
Inflammation and cannabidiol (CBD)
Many cat owners have the misfortune of their pet suffering from chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. This disease is manifested by a loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhea, bloody stools, and lethargy, accompanied by abdominal pain. Since this is an inflammation, and cannabidiols have anti-inflammatory properties, it is recommended to use CBD oil with an appropriate diet recommended by a veterinarian. This therapy will not cure the disease. However, it will definitely affect its symptoms, alleviate them greatly and allow your pet to return to their daily activities.

CBD and cats: Epilepsy and asthma

Epileptic seizures are not frequent in cats, but they do occur. Owners who have tried CBD oil therapy have noticed a reduction in the seizure frequency. Things are similar with asthma, which is an inflammatory disease. In this case, CBD oil can help reduce bronchial inflammation, which directly affects the reduction of asthma attacks in cats.


About 30 percent of cats have kidney problems at some point in their lives. Although chronic renal failure is not common, acute disorders are very common in middle-aged and older cats. The most common causes that lead to kidney disease are toxins, heart problems, infections, kidney sand, kidney stones and low blood pressure. CBD oil can significantly help in relieving the ailments caused by this disease.

Pain and cannabidiol

Overweight and older cats often suffer from pain caused by nerve damage, joint pain (caused by wear and tear of the cartilage between the bones of the joints), and injuries happen to every one of them, no matter how agile they are. Nothing is more tragic than not being able to alleviate their suffering. It is known that CBD oil can reduce the pain caused by these discomforts of your pet.

Are there any side effects when using CBD oil?

If properly dosed, based on weight and health status, the use of CBD oil has no negative health consequences for the cats. If an overdose occurs, the cat will be sedated, but this will not be life-threatening. Of course, the results are not possible overnight, so start with a lower recommended dose and increase it gradually, according to the instructions. Progress will be visible after a proper and continuous use.
Veterinarians from some countries predict that in two to three years, CBD oil will be a standard option in veterinary hospitals in the fight against pain and inflammation, including the treatment of some neurological conditions in pets.
Given the growing popularity and availability of this product and the experience of its users, a conclusion can be made that regular use of CBD oil contributes to better health and mood of your pet.

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