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Full spectrum CBD oil and your dog

Full Spectrum CBD and your dog

How can it help your dog with arthritis or joint pain?

Arthritis in dogs can be a great challenge. Even a mild arthritis can make and afternoon walk extremely painful. You know how awful it is to see your pet’s movements decrease due to its fear of discomfort and pain. There are several approaches to fixing this problem. You can address it with a conventional medicine or decide to use Full Spectrum CBD oils for dogs and cats.
Arthritis develops in the joint tissues of shoulders and hips. It can also manifest itself in any part of the dog’s skeletal structure. It commonly occurs in older dogs. Also it affects younger ones as a result of infections or tissue deteriorations due to autoimmune disorders. This chronic inflammation in the tissue around a pet’s joints can cause irreversible loss of cartilage and protective tissue.
The hardest thing is that arthritis significantly affects our pets’ everyday life and seriously threatens their quality of life.

How to fix or at least alleviate the problem?

First, let’s look at conventional solutions for arthritis and joint pain.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are a preferred method for conventional veterinarians who treat dogs with arthritis and joint pain. Besides their common side effects, these drugs have been shown to cause further deterioration of joints and additional adverse reactions.
The drug works by blocking the production of enzymes that cause inflammation. Actually this is the main problem. When enzymes stop working in other physiological functions, it can result in damage our pets’ vital organs. Evidence shows that long-term use of these drugs can negatively affect the healthy functioning of a dog’s liver, kidneys and stomach.
If your dog has arthritis, an excellent alternative to these harmful medications is a natural solution. A food supplement Full Spectrum CBD dog oil should be considered.

How can Full Spectrum CBD for dogs help with arthritis?

Full Spectrum CBD offers a wide range of natural remedies. It can help with relieving arthritis, the pain and mobility problems for your dog.

Pain relief

Full Spectrum CBD food supplement for dogs is a great option for relieving pain. Hemp extract has been used as an effective natural analgesic for thousands of years. It works by changing the way the central nervous system transmits the sensation of pain to the brain.
Full Spectrum CBD food supplement not only helps with neuropathic pain management, but also inhibits the physical conditions which cause pain. How? Full Spectrum CBD food supplement helps reduce joint pain by acting directly to relieve inflammation.


CBD and other compounds found in Full Spectrum CBD food supplement are known to reduce inflammation in the body. In many cases, our arthritic dogs’ pain is a direct result of inflammation of the joints. When we soothe the inflammation, we also soothe the cause of the problem. Hence, reduce the possibility of further injuries.


Full Spectrum CBD food supplement modulates our body’s immune response. This is one of the main functions of the endocannabinoid system. CBD uses receptor pathways in the endocannabinoid system, and increases communication between cells. It is believed to allow them to function in a more efficiently.
In cases of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, CBD oil can help remedining the problem.

Dosage of Full Spectrum CBD in arthritis

Food supplement Full Spectrum CBD dog oil works in arthritis by alleviating symptoms that occur over time; some dogs may experience relief after just a few days, while others may need a couple of weeks. This is why consistent use is so important for conditions such as arthritis.
Despite the common perception, dosing has very little to do with the size and weight of your dog. Finding the right dose depends on the specific condition of your dog. Its metabolism, sensitivity of its endocannabinoid system and a number of other factors would determine the effectiveness.

How should I give Full Spectrum CBD food supplement to my dog?

For the fastest, complete absorption, lift its lip and apply the dose directly to its gums. This is the most direct way to the bloodstream.
If added to food, since it needs to go through the gastrointestinal system, it may not be as effective. It can take much longer (30-45 minutes) to enter the bloodstream.

How much Full Spectrum CBD food supplement should I give to my dog?

Based on research and our experience, we recommend the following dosage:
Start with 9-12 mg (1 ml) daily. If you do not see effect in one to two weeks, then increase the dosage by another 9-12 mg. You will know that you found the right dosage by dogs behavior. He/she will run faster, jump higher and becoming more playful.
Do not let your pet’s quality of life deteriorate due to chronic joint pain. Full Spectrum CBD oil can provide the relief needed to restore your dog’s mood and well-being.

The importance of prevention

In everyone’s life, both humans’ and pets’, there comes a time when the years take their toll. For many of us, this makes it difficult to engage in activities we used to do with ease. In dogs, this change is usually visible around the age of ten.
Prevention is gold. Don’t wait for arthritis and joint pain to get out of control. So much so that your dog or cat can’t walk anymore. As soon as you notice signs of slowing down, look for natural ways to increase their resilience. Slow down deterioration of their joints by using CBD oil.
The great thing about using Full Spectrum CBD food supplement is added benefits besides treating their joint pain. Not only will you help them with their arthritis problems, but you will also strengthen their:

  • cardiovascular system
  • improve their immune
  • brain functions

and all that in a natural way.

Which CBD oil should I buy for my dog?

When choosing CBD oil, you should make sure that it is full spectrum and that it is independently tested. Without the test you have no guarantee that the oil is what it is supposed to be. You risk that it contains substances that can be harmful to your pet’s health. If the manufacturer makes oil following GMP, HACCP and/or ISO 22000 standards, then you can rest assured that you are getting the real thing.

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