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What are effects of CBD oil on your pet? How can CBD help pets?

CBD and pets

All vertebrates (birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals) have endocannabinoid systems which are involved in maintaining balance in their bodies. Full Spectrum CBD oil activates the endocannabinoid system, which has its role in almost every process, that is, system in your pet’s body – cardiovascular, digestive, cognitive, stress defense system, memory capabilities.
Among other components found in the endocannabinoid system (ESC), it is important to consider receptors: CB1 (mostly located in the mammalian brain) and CB2 receptors (linked to the immune system). CBD and similar cannabinoids, extracted from industrial hemp, are the only compounds found in nature that have a direct effect on these receptors.
Hitherto collected data have shown that CBD may provide a very positive treatment for a wide range of ailments and diseases. Preliminary test results and a large number of positive user reports suggest that CBD has a positive effect in the treatment of various diseases and ailments: allergies, fears and anxiety, loss of appetite, arthritis, cancers and tumors, chronic pain, digestive problems, hip dysplasia, intestinal inflammation, redness and irritation, joint and mobility problems, pancreatitis, epileptic seizures, skin problems, reduction of nausea, promotion of hair growth, reduction of neurodegenerative disease symptoms, improvement of blood circulation, prevention of glaucoma and osteoporosis, reduction of insomnia, and has potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
Another reasons pet owners use it to treat their animals is the fact that CBD oil is a completely natural product. This is why CBD oil is a preferred long-term option to synthetic drugs.

CBD oil and your pet: Anxiety

If your pet suffers from chronic pain or has had some kind of injury, it is advisable to give them CBD oil before bed. You will notice that all the pain like joint or muscle pain disappears, so your pet can sleep peacefully.
Any animal, just like humans, can suffer from anxiety – episodic or persistent. CBD oil can help your pet calm down. In this way, you avoid the possible side effects of traditional pharmaceutical products.
If you are a new proud owner of a puppy or a kitten, you will probably experience difficulties in reading your pet’s signals. Learning their “language” is a process. But it is easy to understand if something bothers them, you just need to pay attention to their behavior.
For example, many pets (especially dogs) are afraid of thunder, fireworks, firecrackers, strangers entering their living space. In such situations, anxious animals that experience stress usually look for a place to hide.
Our pets are very similar to us, so they can also experience fear and stress.

Anxiety symptoms

There are several indicators of anxiety. Many pets become terribly stubborn and hyperactive. This is often accompanied by trembling, panting, barking, whining and squirming. Some more serious symptoms can also occur, such as dilated pupils, antisocial behavior, unusual urination at home.
CBD is a completely natural substance that reduces anxiety and stress. Cannabinoid receptors are part of the central nervous system. When the body releases endocannabinoid compounds or when they are taken as a dietary supplement, they increase the body’s ability to release serotonin, which is a natural mood stabilizer. This leads to a reduction in tension and stress.

The effect on hyperactivity

Dogs have different characteristics that make them special, but when your dog is hyperactive, CBD oil can help. Some breeds, such as the English bulldog, naturally have low energy, while shepherd dogs, quite opposite, rarely get tired. If you can’t calm your dog down by walking and exercising, CBD oil may be a good choice.
The same goes for cats. Those who live with cats know very well that cats would rather jump on the ceiling than cuddle and nap next to the heater all day. Of course, it all depends on the cat’s temperament, which is distinct, but they simply become hyperactive in some stages of their lives – for example, that is the case with unneutered cats in the mating season.
In most cases, you will see a difference in your pet’s energy level in the first few days of CBD use. You will see the full effect of the oil after continuous use and gradual increase of its dose.

CBD oil and pets: Epileptic seizures

Epilepsy or single seizures are common issues for pets and their owners. Epilepsy is usually categorized into two groups: idiopathic epilepsy, also called primary epilepsy, and symptomatic epilepsy. Idiopathic epilepsy has no identifiable cause and is often a genetic problem, while symptomatic epilepsy occurs when there is an underlying brain lesion or metabolic cause.
A single seizure should not last longer than 5 minutes. However, if something like that happens, contact your veterinarian immediately. Typical attacks last only a few minutes, and the dog will start its normal activity afterwards. To reduce the duration and intensity of the seizure, apply Full Spectrum CBD oil directly on your pet’s gums during the seizure – this is the fastest way for it to be fully absorbed.

CBD oil and your pet: Insomnia

The only thing worse than a dog’s wet muzzle on your face at 2am is knowing that your pet actually cannot sleep. Depending on its age, a healthy dog needs between 12 and 20 hours of sleep! If your dog doesn’t get enough rest, you should think about what is causing the problem – maybe the pain, or anxiety. To give your dog a good night’s sleep, you can give him CBD oil just before bed.
In a study on the effects of CBD on sleep and anxiety, published in 2019, researchers found that sleep had improved in 67% of recipients. Another CBD oil and pets study conducted in 2013 found that CBD significantly increased total sleep time in subjects given 10-40 mg/kg of CBD.

Impact on loss of appetite

Not every dog can be said to have served as an inspiration for the proverb “as hungry as a dog,” but in general, dogs like to eat. They use their irresistible puppy dog eyes to get that last bite of your sandwich, and even if they are picky when it comes to dry dog food, their meals are still the best part of their day.
A dog that suddenly behaves as if it is not hungry usually tells its owner that something is wrong. Sometimes a dog starts avoiding food, loses weight as a result, and suffers from problems caused by malnutrition – and without food, which provides them with the necessary energy to fight, they sink deeper into disease. Food is the fuel that maintains your dog’s body, and CBD oil stimulates appetite and reduces nausea, helping your pet to step out of the vicious circle.
Vestratek Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the best choice if you opt for this type of treatment. Our full spectrum oil for pets is made from the best industrial hemp flowers that can be found in Europe. Our flower comes from areas with the most suitable climate for its growing, and the extract is mixed with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil from Crete.
As a result, we get the highest quality CBD oil in Europe.
The food supplement formula that we have created following in nature’s footsteps allows you to give your pets the necessary support for a better and longer life.

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