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Can CBD help with your cats allergies? What are the benefits?

Allergies and CBD for cats

Allergies are a very common problem in cats and can cause itching, skin damage, hair loss and inflammation of the ears and skin. In this article, we will analyze allergies and CBD for cats, benefits and potential solutions to such problems.

From a medical point of view, allergy is an excessive defense reaction of the immune system to substances (allergens) which exist in the environment and do not cause any reaction in healthy individuals. The immune system normally protects the body from potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria. In an allergic reaction, that same immune system overreacts to harmless substances that we call allergens. There is a genetic predisposition for the development of allergies. Which allergen your cat will develop an allergy to depends on its food and environment.
Allergies worsen over time, in the sense that the reaction to allergens gets stronger, and the number of allergens which cause allergies increases.

Allergies – how to recognize them?

Allergies and CBD for cats? When it comes in contact with allergens, the immune system tries to protect the body by signaling mast cells to release specific chemical compounds. One of these chemical compounds is histamine. Histamine causes a number of allergy symptoms, including itching, rash, swelling and airway obstruction. If your cat frequently licks, or scratches and bites some parts of its skin, shakes its irritated ears, symmetrically loses hair on its body, vomits or has diarrhea, there is a high chance that it suffers from allergies.

How can CBD affect allergies?

You may already know that full spectrum CBD oil has a positive effect in people struggling with insomnia, anxiety and depressive disorders, that it has a beneficial effect on appetite, antiseptic properties, and that it helps with chronic pain.
Since every mammal has endocannabinoid system, the health benefits of CBD oil are also visible in pets.

Cannabinoid receptors in cats

Cannabinoid receptors in cats are found in their stomachs, gallbladders, colons, bladders, kidneys, brains, livers, diaphragms, lungs and hearts. These receptors are activated in contact with phytocannabinoids (CBD) and cause a number of positive effects.


The latest research shows that, in addition to its general anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can also stop the release of histamine. One scientific study has looked into the suitability of using CBD oil to reduce the effect of a common histamine trigger – raw egg whites. The study has found that CBD reduces airway obstruction in animals, caused by the histamine release.
According to the Journal of Allergy and Immunology, stimulation of the CB1 receptor may be useful in controlling allergies such as rash and eczema. This is because the CB1 receptor is largely associated with mast cell activity.

Skin allergies 

CBD can be helpful in skin allergies because of its immunosuppressive properties, since potential of cannabinoid has been shown in terms of reducing rashes and itching. In 2013, a study showed that CBD is effective in preventing inflammation and edema on the skin. This makes it a promising anti-inflammatory treatment for skin conditions caused by allergic reactions.
When we consider the way CBD controls the release of mast cells and histamine in the body, it becomes clear that cannabinoids could help with almost all allergies. Even when it comes to allergies and CBD for cats.

Allergic reaction or…?

Allergies and CBD for cats? If you notice any of the allergy symptoms such as itching, hair loss, swelling, irritation and dandruff, do not rush to make a diagnosis. Cats often suffer from problems caused by dry skin. In addition to the fact that their fur may look ragged and lifeless, dryness often causes skin irritation, itching, discomfort, sores and dandruff. CBD has been noticed to have hydrating properties, and helps alleviate the symptoms caused by dehydrated and irritated skin. To determine if your pet has an allergy, you should take it to the vet, in order to do the necessary allergy tests and determine the exact cause of its discomfort.

Allergies and CBD for cats

CBD can be consumed in several ways, and the simplest way is CBD oil. It is industrial hemp oil dominated by cannabidiol extract. Another reason pet owners use it to treat their animals is the fact that CBD oil is a completely natural product. This is why CBD oil is a preferred long-term option to synthetic drugs.
When consuming CBD oil, there is no danger of changing the stream of consciousness and creating addiction. It is a natural product that can be used every day as a dietary supplement and helps in achieving a better quality of life.

VESTRATEK CBD Oil for cats

Vestratek Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the best choice if you opt for this type of treatment. Our full spectrum oil for pets is made from the best industrial hemp flowers that can be found in Europe. The extract is mixed with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil from Crete. As a result, we get the highest quality CBD oil in Europe.

If you want to make the most of the effect of CBD and simultaneously work on the balance of your organism, cannabidiol (CBD) full spectrum oil should be your first choice.

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