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About us

“What we do is follow nature! What we get is goodness in a bottle, as nature intended!”

Our journey started in 2018

What We Do…

VESTRATEK is a full spectrum CBD oil maker.
Our business philosophy is simply based on producing the highest quality product while making sure that we follow nature. No additions! No Subtractions! Just pure extract ensuring the entourage effect!
We chose to produce VESTRATEK full spectrum CBD oil from best European hemp that is grown in south-east of the continent. This region of Europe has an ideal climate, soil conditions and a long history of growing industrial hemp and provides the best crop for creating goodness in a bottle as nature intended.

the best cbd oil
the best cbd oil
A perfect fit for your every day life

How We Do It…

Because we focus on quality, we built our company around science. Our team of scientists is headed by Professor Tibor Sabo, PhD., a world renowned chemist. Vestratek team developed proprietary CBD extraction technology that enabled us to have the best quality full spectrum CBD oil in the market.
We cooperate closely with various institutes in effort to ensure that our production is environmentally responsible, adheres to all operational standards and consistently produces the highest quality product.

What we do is follow nature! What we get is goodness in a bottle, as nature intended!

Our Products…

We believe that nature gave us everything we need and we just need to follow it. For that reason we make our product from natural European hemp that is grown and harvested under strictest controls. Our production is HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000, BIO and VEGAN certified.
We strongly believe that carrier oil we use has to be made the same way we make our full spectrum cbd oil. That is why we selected Olive Oil form Crete, Greece. Our partner’s focus on quality same as ours. They make their oil as nature intended – pure and natural.
As a result, we get goodness in a bottle as nature intended!

vestratek 300 full spectrum cbd oil
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I’m so happy with vestratek cbd oil. I tried many but very few were actually what they claimed to be. These guys don't really bother with usual marketing stuff. They just call it as it is. Pure and natural. You should try it. Really goodness in a bottle as nature intended.
vestratek full spectrum cbd oil
Anika M.
So I needed something for my dog to calm his anxiety during the new year celebrations. Fireworks freak him out. Guys at Vestratek recommended D500 and I was amazed how quickly and well it helped Frankie. They followed up after a week to find out how my dog was doing. Love these guys and their level of empathy.
vestratek full spectrum cbd oil
Brian J.
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